The Bullet List {Balance and Simplify}

by Destri on December 31, 2009

If there is one thing that seems to elude mothers more than any other it would have to be finding balance.

I happen upon it every now and then, but find myself searching for it on a regular basis.  I finally came to the conclusion that it is just as much a state of mind as it is a state of being.  And one way of finding both is to simplify.

That being said, today I have a list of ideas that help me find that balance, and links to which I plan on employing this new year in the never ending search for it.

Twenty Ways to add Balance and Simplify

  • Take twenty minutes every day to turn up the music and dance with your kids.  You will fit in some cardio and play time all at once.
  • Only touch your mail once.  Pick a time of day that you can spend fifteen minutes with it;  shred it, throw it away, file it, immediately fill out bills, even if they are to be mailed later.
  • Organize your winter gear like Kim from Mom Tried It.
  • When you make dinner double the recipe and freeze half of it for a later date.
  • Commit to five minutes a day to do your make-up.  Seriously that is all you need.
  • Wake up thirty minutes earlier every morning to do something important to you.  Journal, read scriptures, drink your coffee, kiss your hubby.
  • Read this post on The Best Kept Secret to a Clean House.
  • Know what you are going to have for dinner by noon everyday.
  • Create an inspiration book like Davina for a place to keep all the ideas running around in your head.
  • Set the timer when on the computer.  And don’t cheat.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday.  Talk to your hair dresser, they’ll agree!
  • Make your kids laugh at least once a day.  Not just a giggle, but a full belly laugh.  Nothing balances my life more than to hear my little one’s laughter.
  • Find something you love to do, and just do it.  Creativity has fed my soul in ways I never imagined.
  • Try to go to bed with a clean kitchen.  You’ll thank yourself in the morning!
  • Stop doing what you no longer find joy in.  It’s okay.  Your all grown up now, and you are allowed to change your mind.
  • Sing while you cook.  Even if your husband laughs, it will be one of your children’s favorite memories.
  • Make time.  Read this post.  I have asked you to read it before, but for those of you who didn’t I am asking again.  I promise it will help you find a little balance.
  • Have a weekly date night with your husband.  Even if you can’t leave the house, set aside one night a week for each other with something planned.  It could even be a picnic and movie on your living room floor.
  • Allow yourself imperfections.  Then except them.  Then embrace them.

Now it’s your turn, and I know how many of you are reading this!  I had better get more than five comments!!!

How do you find Balance in your life?  How have you found ways to simplify?  Please share, I need the inspiration!

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