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by Maria on February 18, 2010

About a year and a half ago, on a very normal day, my sister told me I should check out a blog her sister-in-law had recently told her about.  Even before she started raving about the cookie recipe she had been drooling over I was making a mental note to take a look the next time I was in front of my computer.  Well friends, that blog was The Picky-Palate, and lets just say, my life was changed forever.

Jenny the founder and creator of The Picky-Palate is one of a kind.  If there was a house in the blog world I would cut my arm off to have dinner or breakfast at… would be hers.  The girl is an amazing cook.   Everything on her blog (unless otherwise noted) is her own original recipe.   I almost fell off my chair the day I found out she didn’t start really cooking until 2001.  She is a natural and a pro.  No really, she is a pro.  Her list of contests she has won is impressive to say the least and she has even made appearances on the food network.  HELLO!!

I can’t even begin to pick a favorite recipe from all of the beauties she’s got in her index.  If it weren’t enough that she is an amazing cook, she is also a fabulous photographer.  The pictures of her food are enough to make you lick your computer screen.  Her two cute boys make excellent models and taste testers.  I am so happy she is posting a bullet list for us today, and of course it is a great one on how to get those picky-eaters eat’n!

Jenny Flake

10 Ways to Un-Picky your Picky Eaters, by Picky Palate

  • Slowly introduce new foods to your little ones.  Don’t expect them to jump up and down with excitement the first or even second time you give them a new food.  Persistence and patience is the key!
  • Make your vegetables and or fruit that your little ones may not be very excited about into cool shapes.  Take out your small cookie cutters and cut their fruits and veggies into something fun and exciting.  Play “What can we make out of our food?” chances are they’ll love it!
  • Get your kids in the kitchen with you while preparing meals.  When they have a hand in dinner, they’ll be proud of what they’ve done and want to eat it!
  • Don’t make more than one dinner per night for your family.  Some mom’s I know make dinner for each kid because they don’t like what was fixed.  No way!  Try a “No Thank You” policy.  If your child doesn’t like what was made for dinner, simply have them try at least one bite every time then say “No Thank You.”  Even if they don’t like it the first time, chances are they’ll eventually learn to enjoy it. If they know there is only one choice for dinner, they won’t want to be hungry later :)
  • Make dinner time a fun experience, where the kids are excited to sit down, your vibe will rub off on them.  When they see their parents ooing and ahhing over what they are eating, they’ll be more likely to eventually join you!  You can even play games with you food while you are eating, like “Let’s see who can take more bites or how many different colors of the rainbow can we eat off our plate?”  Something like that can be fun.
  • Try naming your child’s food you’ve placed in front of them, it can be anything fun and playful… Sammy’s Saucy Superhero Spaghetti,  Luke’s Green Giant Broccoli, Anna’s Princess Smile Oranges….you get the idea, make it fun!
  • Purchase some inexpensive “fun” kids plates that would be exciting to your child.  If they are eating off of their favorite superhero or character, they will want to gobble up their food!
  • Incorporate a healthy smoothie night.  Have some yogurt and lots of fresh fruit on hand.  Have your child help put everything in the blender and watch it turn into a beautiful healthy treat!
  • Avoid too many snacks before dinner time, keep em’ hungry for dinner!!
  • Most importantly be patient and make meal time fun!!

There you have it!  Hope this helps your picky little eaters!!

So I basically need to print the list, and hang it on my fridge.  A big thank you to Jenny for a great list, and now it’s your turn…

What tips do you have for making your picky eaters eat?

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