The Power of Play: Almost as good as snow balls?

by Tina on December 22, 2010

Hello folks and welcome to my new contribution dedicated to creating more opportunities for play in our daily lives.  Every day.  Drop everything for 20 minutes and let the dishes sit in the sink, leave the laundry and put down all those bon bons you have been eating (hahaha…I kid you!)  But I promise you that those 20 minutes will be worth more than any other thing on your to-do list!  This month’s post is one of my all time favorite games to play.  It uses play to increase impulse control and improve self regulation while creating a fun atmosphere.  Plus, who can pass up the opportunity to have a snow ball war?  This activity is best done in a group, but you can do it with just you and one kiddo if you’d like.  I hope you find it helpful on those days when the snow is piling up and everyone needs to release some energy and have a good laugh.

Activity: Cotton ball war

Ages: 4 and up

Materials: bag of cotton balls, some kiddos and at least one adult

Goals:  Improve impulse control, increase attention skills and have fun

Directions:  Divide the group up into two teams.  If you are able to draw some sort of line to separate the teams, such as masking tape or a line on the floor, that works great.  If you don’t have this, you can imagine a line or create a symbolic one using a marker in the room.  The adult lays a large amount of cotton ball down the middle of the line between the two teams.  The directions are simple.  When the adult give the word to go, each team must try to throw as many cotton balls as possible at the opposite team members.  The goal is to get as many cotton balls on the other side as possible.  There are two important guidelines: 1.) you may only pick up ONE cotton ball at a time to throw and 2.) You MUST say the name of the person before you throw the cotton ball at them.  When the adult says “game over”, the team with the least amount of cotton balls on their side wins the war.

Follow up with some hot cocoa and call it a snow day!

Hope you like this one.  Thanks so much to those folks who have been supportive and I would LOVE to hear if you have tried some of the Power of Play activities.  Have a playful day!



Tina is a full time working mom.  She is a mental health therapist (LSCSW) and registered play therapist supervisor (RPT-S).  She is married to an incredibly tolerant and patient dude and has “just one” adorable tot.  She laughs too loud, talks too much and usually creates a scene.  She can be found writing on Bull in a China Shop in her spare time.

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