Tickle Monster Pops ~ A Storybook Recipe

by Destri on August 31, 2011

First, I get to announce that Aubrey had her baby yesterday!  A beautiful baby girl with the cutest chubby cheeks.  Both mom and baby are doing great!
We are kicking off the Storybook Recipe Series with the perfect post.  I was so excited when I opened Monica’s email to see her submission, so so fun!   She is as nice as can be, and thankfully easy going.  Seriously, I won’t give you all the boring behind the scenes, but let’s just say she was more than patient with me throughout the process!

Tickle Monster Pops By Monica From Mama’s Menu

If you haven’t seen The Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett, it will be your kids’ new go-to book on the shelf!  I can’t read through the first page without both of my girls rolling with giggles.
The Tickle Monster gloves have provided lots of entertainment while reading the book.

Since the weather in Dallas has been over 100 degrees for over FORTY straight days, we’ve been going through the popsicles like crazy.  My friend Gloria introduced us to a Hispanic version that is much healthier and even more delicious than anything you can get at the store.  I was inspired to make Tickle Monster Pops using her “aqua fresca” recipes and latex gloves.  It is super easy and will provide lots of entertainment for the little monsters in your life.
To print recipe card just click on the recipe, right click, save to computer and then print; or just click on image and print page.

First, chop up 4 cups of any fruit and place it in the blender.  Next, add the juice and zest from any citrus fruit.  Add enough liquid to equal at least 1 cup, and blend away!  The smoother the mixture, the better it will freeze.

A food processor will work just as well as a blender.

I had the awesome ladies at my local Target Pharmacy order me powder-free gloves in a small.  Cost was $6.99 for 100.
Fill gloves just past the point where all the fingers are full and the hand is about 1 inch full.  Remember, the mixture will expand when frozen.  Tie the hands off with a twisty tie and either lay flat on a cookie sheet or hang from a basket in the freezer.

is there a slight creepiness factor here?

Tickle Monster Treats should freeze in about four hours.  To eat, just unroll the gloves a little, and let the kids go to town, tickling their tummies.

Or, let the mixture defrost a little, and spoon it out while wearing The Tickle Monster gloves.
So the next time you and your kids squirm your way through The Tickle Monster, treat yourself with some Tickle Monster Pops.
While working as a retail pharmacist, Monica spends her days secretly dreaming of becoming a chef.  She knows how tough it is to get dinner on the table, especially serving a variety of dishes.  As the granddaughter of a Texas cattleman, steak and ground beef tend to show up all too often on her dinner table.  Mama’s Menu (www.mamasmenu.blogspot.com) was born out of necessity, with Monica and her friends deciding to share a week’s worth of their favorite “go-to” meals.   Monica and her husband live in the Dallas area with their two girls and two dogs.”
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