Turning Snack Time Into Learning Time

by Aubrey on January 23, 2013

circling letters in the alphabet

Snack time is a regular part of every day for most kids.  Who am I kidding??  It’s a regular part of mama’s day too!  I generally TRY (being the key word here) :-) to do fruits and veggies for snacks when we are home, but sometimes those little goldfish are irresistible.  Catch me after the jump to find out more about how you can make snack time into learning time.

Turning Snack Time Into Learning Time


  • Snack or cereal box
  • Permanent Marker (normally I wouldn’t recommend a permanent marker, but it doesn’t rub off the box quite as easily as a washable marker which makes a mess.)

I thought it would be fun while my daughter was eating her goldfish to practice the alphabet and letter recognition by circling each letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order.

circling letters

She really enjoyed the scavenger hunt!  We were able to find every letter in the alphabet surprisingly enough….you know all those ingredients that are in those goldfish that we can’t even read??? yes that’s where we found the difficult letters (that’s why we try to do fruits or veggies for snack time).  :-)

If you are looking for another fun idea for snack time and you’re wanting to do counting and number recognition check out this fun idea.  This is still one of our favorites!

I hope you are all having a great week!  I’m excited to share some fun Valentine’s ideas that my girls and I have been working on.  Stay tuned for next week’s post!


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