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Tutorial ~ Boutique Jeans

by Destri on September 24, 2010

This post is part of the Boutique Style For Less Challenge.  You can find all the projects for the series here.

This will be the last post in this series, but I am afraid I am addicted to these projects.  So easy and not too overwhelming, and easy on the wallet.  You will no doubt see some more popping up.  And your projects!  I have loved them!  Some of you don’t have blogs, but have completed something, will you send me a picture?  And leave a link to your projects you have posted.  I am going to do a round up for tomorrow and would love to include them.

These jeans fit the theme well.  I bought the jeans for $5.00 and the crochet doily for $1.  The rest came from scraps from previous projects.  Also, I have to buy a 3T to fit my 22 month old’s juicy bottom, so this was a perfect fix for all the extra length.  Here is the how to:


  • all your sewing stuff
  • scrap fabric
  • crochet trim
  • jeans
  • heat n bond

I started by putting the jeans on my little girl to see where I wanted the hem of the legs to fall.  Then I folded them under and pressed them to create a crease.  Wrap the crochet trim around the crease and cut to length, leaving a half inch allowance to fold under at the end.  Starting on the inside seam, pin the trim with the right side down and the part of the trim you want exposed facing the top of the jeans.  When you get to the end fold it under a half inch and pin.  Repeat on the other side.

Now sew along the part of the trim that will ride just above the crease when folded under.  For me it was the ric rac.

Turn under and press.  Then sew along the hem line with a longer stitch length like a top stitch.  Secure the loose ends of the trim if there are any.  I just used matching thread and needle to sew them together.

At this point I applied a little head n bond to the doily and the scrap fabric.  I cut a flower shape out of the fabric and ironed it on the jeans first.  Make sure the piece of heat n bond for the doily is slightly smaller.

I had the doily overlapping the flower a little and ironed on.  I did have to turn the jeans inside out and press on both sides of the doily to ensure it was heated through.  I was actually surprised at how well it did stick.

Now I just went around the perimeter of the doily with running stitch to secure the edges.  I added a few stitches to the center as well.  I finished it off with a heavy thread to stitch around the flower.

All done!  I did tack up the part of the pant legs that were longer too, and added a light weight interfacing to the stitches on the wrong side of the pant leg.

I bought the top at a thrift store for $2 and will be making another shirt from the polka dot fabric.

The scarf goes with the coat I made last year that will still fit her this year…and the headband, oh my, it is so cute!

It was super simple, would you like a tutorial on it?

The whole outfit is a favorite of mine now, and cost less than $10 total.   I think it will be great for the holiday season, no?  And so so easy.  You can buy different trims, just experiment and have fun with it!  I bought mine at Gracie Lou’s in Salem Utah and I know they have some different colors as well.

I am off to finish up my packing and head out across the states with my little family.  We leave tomorrow with a stop in Moab (have to get the green chili burrito at the Moab Diner)  then off to the in laws in Colorado for a few days, and maybe a visit with my Aunt.  Then off to our new old home in Arkansas!  Wish me luck!

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