Tutorial ~ DIY Upholstered Twin Size Headboard

by Aubrey on August 15, 2011

Diy Upholstered Headboard

I finished my girls’ room, and I’m excited to show you how cute it turned out!  Today I just have a tutorial for the easy upholstered headboards I made and then next week I will show you some of the other things that I did.  It brings a smile to my face every time I walk into their room.  :-)


  • 20 x 38 inch piece of plywood
  • 1 yard of fabric
  • 4 or 5 layers of batting (depending on the thickness of it)
  • staple gun
  • nails with a large head (I used carpet nails)
  • button kit and extra fabric scraps
  • hot glue gun


Before we (my husband and I) began making the headboards I ironed the fabric.  Then I cut out three layers of batting the exact size of the board and then two larger layers to match the yard of fabric.  Place all the layers on the floor starting with the fabric facing right side down, the two larger pieces of batting and then the three smaller ones.

Place the wood over all the layers and get out the staple gun.

Tightly wrap one side of the fabric and batting around the board and staple it to the board.

Then do the opposite side pulling tightly and stapling.

Next, fold the corners over making sure they are pulled tightly and staple each side.

Then trim the fabric and batting so there will be room for the hardware.

The hardware we used on the back to hang it on the wall was the Large Keyhole Hangers.  You’ll want to put one each side, near the top, in the corner.  I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture of it.  It is a little bit of a pain to get it hung, but once it’s up it won’t be going anywhere!

Now turn it over and decide where you want to put the buttons.  We measured the spacing between them for accuracy since we were making two and wanted them to look exactly the same.  Mark where you decide to put the buttons, then hammer a nail into each of the spots.

Then with the hot glue gun, just glue the fabric covered buttons over the top of the nail heads, hang, and your finished!

Making an upholstered headboard is so simple, pretty inexpensive, and adds a lot to any room.  Stay tuned next week to see how I made some fabric dots to put on the wall…so cute and easy!


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