Tutorial ~ Folded Circle Flower

by Destri on July 18, 2011

Folded Fabric Flowers

Here is the little folded flower tutorial I promised.  These have to be the easiest flowers to make, and fun too.  They can be used for anything from a bow to finish off a package, a brooch to pull an outfit together, to a hair clip for sweeping your little ones bangs to the side.  So versatile.  They are perfect for using up scrap fabric too; all you need is the tiniest of pieces to make one flower.  Catch me after the jump for more photos then you will ever need to make one yourself :).

Folded Circle Fabric Flower Tutorial


  • fabric – you can use up to four different patterns
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • glue if you are not using a button for the center
  • Felt if you have some, or just a small piece of fabric would work too

First decide how big you are going to want your flower to be.  You will need something that size to trace and make your circles.  The size of what you trace, will end up being the size of your flower.  I used the top of a candle jar as my guide.

If you have one fabric piece, fold it in half twice and then trace the circle on top.  It helps if you do this on the wrong side of the fabric :).  If you don’t have one piece, just layer four pieces together and then trace.

Cut out the circles just on the inside of the line you drew.  Now you should have four circles exactly the same.  If you are not into the frayed look, now would be the time to run a little fray check around the edges of your circles :).

Now from the felt, cut out a circle just smaller than the size of your flower circles.  Fold one circle in half and lay over half the felt circle like shown.

Next take the needle and thread from the bottom through the top, just at the center and on the edge of the half circle, and then take the needle back through the center so it is on the underside again.  Make sure to leave a little thread for tying at the end.

Now just lay the next two in the same fashion, working around the circle as shown in the pictures, and sew through the center as well. Make sure that all the edges of the circles are lining up.

For the last piece, you will fold over the corner of the first circle like shown….

Then lay the last piece under it and let the corner fold back over, then secure with needle and thread.  Tie a knot on the back and glue on a little clip of your choice.

Just a tip – a bobby pin works great for this flower, because then it stays nice and flat, where a clip will perk up the side a little.  I used a bobby pin on a few and love it.  Just slide one over a little piece of felt and then glue to the flower.

Now just sew or glue on a little button and you’re finished!

On this flower I used two fabrics and then a button kit to make a button to match.  Then I just alternated the circles to give it this layered look.

So easy!

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Hope everyone is having a great start to their week.  I myself have gotten in a little over my head with a wee little project.  I hope to wrap it up this week then maybe get back to my life :).  I will share details if all goes well, and if not..well, maybe a post on what not to do :).  Wish me luck!

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