Tutorial ~ Hair Bow From Vintage Handkerchief

by Destri on April 25, 2011


I have another great no-sew hair bow today, and this one is made from a vintage handkerchief.  The way you fold it really highlights all the great details a vintage hankie usually has, like colored rolled hems and pretty patterns on the outside.  I made this one into a hair clip, but it can be used anywhere you need a pretty bow.  I think it would look even better on a headband, so I think I will have to make up another one :).  Go grab a hankie and meet me after the jump for all the details!

How To Make A Bow From A Vintage Handkerchief


  • handkerchief (the smaller the hankie, the smaller the bow)
  • needle and thread
  • hot glue
  • threaded beads, or ribbon
  • clip or headband if making into a hair accessory


Lay the hankie out on a flat surface.

Fold the top and bottom in like shown.  I like to just do one fold for both the top and bottom, but play around with it, you may decide you like a gathered center.

Now fold the sides into the center.

Pinch the center, gathering the bow like shown.

With a needle and thread, secure the center by sewing through it and then wrapping the thread around a few times.

Now you should have a bow.  At this point you could do anything you want with it.  If you want to add it to a headband, I would just take ribbon and wrap around the center and onto the headband at the same time, securing with glue.

I chose small beads that came attached to a thread, wrapped around the center and secured with hot glue.

To attach the clip just cut out a little piece of felt and glue to the back,

and then glue the clip to that.  Take a second piece of felt and glue to the inside of the clip and join the edges of both pieces of felt with glue.

All finished!  I really should have chose a handkerchief with more of a contrasted edge, but I used up most of my stash for the hankie bunting I made for her room :).

You can find a bunch of hair bow and accessory tutorials here, and the best way to hold them too.

Hope everyone has a great week, we are just excited to see the sun here!  It has been raining for days.  Come back a little later, I have a round-up of the funnest ways to plant flowers :)


This time last year, we were fixing up a pair of plain flip flops.  I have another one of those coming up this year too!  Until then you can check these out.  So cute!

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