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by Destri on July 22, 2011

Hair Clip Fascinator

I am kind of addicted to making these, you can make so many variations!  I keep looking in my fabric stash and thinking “Oh, I could make something with this!”.  I tell you, it is no good for my OCD of throw no fabric piece away, for you may just need it one day issue.  If anything it’s made it worse, because I can use little bits and pieces to whip one of these hair fascinators up; so now I am keeping even the littlest of scraps.  I even have a box for them.  I know, issues.  If my sister came over she would die.

shabby hair clip fascinator

Anyhoo, a lot of you asked for the tutorial for making them, and it just gave me a reason to make some more.  Wahoo!  Let’s get started, I will catch you after the jump!

How To Make A Hair Clip Fascinator


  • needle and thread
  • fabric glue, or hot glue and gun
  • snap clip
  • felt
  • scissors
  • fray check (optional)

Fabric and Notions:

  • fabric circle measuring 4-5 inches across
  • fabric piece measuring around 2 x 5 inches
  • 3 inch piece of eyelet ribbon, lace, wide ribbon, crochet ribbon – whatever suits you
  • small rosette made from coordinating fabric – I used a 1 x 22 inch piece for my rosette.  Great rosette tutorial.
  • small accent fabric piece – lace, organza, knit – anything that is a different texture than the main fabric
  • brad or button

First, if you don’t want your fabric to fray, run a little fray check along one edge of the 2 x 5 strip.  This will give it time to dry for when you need it.

Now we’ll make a fabric yo- yo.  There is a tutorial here, but I do mine a little different.  Holding the circle with the right side facing you, with the needle and thread sew a running stitch all around the perimeter of the circle.  I make pretty big stitches, gathering them on the needle as I go.  When finished, cinch up the circle loosely and tie a knot.  Then pull the sides out making the yo-yo.  These really are quick and easy to make, so don’t let them scare you!  Finish it off with the brad or button.  I bent the brad prongs back before gluing.

Next, glue the rosette onto the yo-yo.

Take the ribbon and run a long strip of glue along the bottom edge on the right side.  Then arrange it on the back of the yo-yo so that is on the opposite side of the rosette.  I kind of bend mine around a bit.  Just work with it until you like it.

Now take the accent fabric and cut three little pieces.  Pinch and gather them like shown then glue the first one on the edge of the ribbon, sandwiched between the yo-yo and ribbon. Then glue on the remaining two like shown.

Almost finished!  Take the strip and sew a running stitch along on side and lightly gather.  Then glue onto the back like shown.  If you want you can glue then corners over on the ends of the strip.  I didn’t have to do this on all of mine, but some just needed it :)

I didn’t get pictures of this part, but just cut the felt into an oval to match the back of the fascinator and glue on.  It should cover all of the glued parts, but not go to the height of the strip.  Now take a little strip of felt and slide in between the prongs on the clip.  Close the clip, and hold onto the back of the fascinator to spec up where you want it glued.  Then glue it on, holding in place until dry.

You’re finished!

Here are a couple more.  I just used chiffon, eyelet, and crocheted ribbon.  I have a tutorial here for the folded flower. The idea is to use different textures and fabrics to make a fun look.  Just experiment and have fun with it!

I had a couple of questions on how I made these clips from this post.  I just made some yo-yos and rosettes with some fabric covered buttons (using a button kit bought at craft store) and glued them all together.  Then cover the back with felt and glue on a clip.  Easy peasy.

Questions? Leave them in the comments and I will answer them there :)

You can find all of the Hair Accessory Tutorials here.  If you happen to make any, add them to the flickr pool, or email me a picture so I can share them!

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