Tutorial ~ Little Scissors Case

by Destri on November 22, 2010

Looking for a little something special to give to the seamstress on your list?  Or if you are like me, you lose your little thread snippers and are looking for a solution?  Seriously, I never use mine because they are always hiding somewhere in the mess, so I decided to make them a little case and velcro it to the back of my machine.  That way they have a little home right where I can reach them when I need to.

Remember this post when I showed you all the little treasures I had picked up while spending the day antiquing?   See those little scissors?  I picked them up for $7.00 and thought they would be the perfect little addition to a gift.  The plate is the one that I glued the magnets to for a pin plate (here for tutorial).  So with the little scissors, the case, and the plate, I have a gift I can’t wait to give.

Scissors Case Tutorial With Free Pattern


  • all your sewing stuff
  • scrap fabric
  • download and print pattern

If you want to velcro the case to the back of your machine you will need:

  • heavy duty glue, like E 6000
  • velcro (I used sew on)


Just click on the pattern above, then right click on it, save to your computer.  Pull up the image and print.  This will give you the full size pattern.

After you have printed the pattern, cut it out and pin pieces onto your fabric.  You will need to cut two of each so I just folded my fabric in half, pin and cut.

You will have four pieces now.  We will start with the two little ones.

With the right sides together, sew along the top slant.  We will use a 1/4 seam allowance throughout, except top stitching.  The seam allowance is built into the pattern.

Turn right sides out and press.  Now sew right along the top again for a top stitch.

It will look like this when your done, just sewn along the top.

With one of the larger pieces laying right side up, lay the sewn smaller piece on top like shown.

Now lay the second large piece right side down over the top, sandwiching the smaller in between the two larger pieces. Pin.

Starting on the outer corner like shown, sew around the perimeter, making sure to get all layers, and ending on the other corner making sure to leave the top open so you can turn it out.

Turn it right side out and you should have a piece that looks like this.

Fold the top edge under and press the entire case flat. Then sew a top stitch right along the edge of the perimeter of the case.

All done!  Easy peasy.

Now for the handy part.  I just hand stitched a little velcro circle to the back of the case…

Then I glued the other little velcro piece to the back of my machine, and viola!

Now they are always where I need them!  They are super simple to make, I whipped out two in no time.

Plus, also, I am in Utah this week and it snowed last night…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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