Tutorial ~ Lounge Pants Or Pajama Bottoms

by Destri on February 19, 2011

I should say this is more of a mini tutorial.  When I posted the tutorials for the knit waistband and exposed sport elastic waistband, a few of you wanted to know the specifics for the the bottoms.  You really could use any pattern or tutorial, just keep in mind that you will want to have a more fitted ease through the hips and waist, as there will be no gathering and the give in the waist comes from the elastic.  I will show you the technique I used to make Eleni’s pajama bottoms and Hank’s lounge pants (that is what he is calling them, silly kid), all you need is a pair of their jeans.  Then you can use the tutorials from the waistbands to finish them off!

Drafting and Sewing Bottoms


  • Snug fitting pair of pants or jeans
  • fabric
  • all your sewing stuff

Cutting and Sewing:

Always back stitch, finish edges with either a zigzag or serge, and press out your seams while sewing.   1/2 inch seam allowance throughout.

cutting for bottoms

I used a pillowcase for these pants and was able to make a size 4T, and easily could have made a 5T, but of course you can use anything, just make sure you have enough for length and width.  You will want two pieces layered and then folded in half once.  So I just folded my pillowcase in half :).  Next, take the pants you are using for your guide and turn inside out and fold in half.  Place the pants on top of the folded fabric, with the pant sides lined up with the fold like shown.

Cut pants

Cut along the seat of the pants, down the legs using the jeans as your guide.  You will want to leave about a 1/2 inch for seam allowance and then an inch extra in length for hemming.  Cut right along the top of the pants, we will adjust this cut later.  Do not cut the fold!

Sewing Pants Line

Now you should have two pieces.  Fold them in half like shown with the right side in.  Sew up each leg where shown with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Now fold one piece right side out and place inside the piece that is wrong side out with the leg seams lined up.  Then lay on the side to make a U like shown.  Line up the edges well and pin.   Sew where the dots indicate.

Cutting Waist

Now turn right side out and place the pants on the side without folding in half.  You will want to cut a slight angle, with the front being about 1-2 inches lower than the back.

They should have a higher back like shown.  At this point you can try them on whoever you are making them for and make adjusments.  Remember that you just need them to squeeze over the hips easily and then be lower rise in the waist as you will still be adding the waistband.  So just make sure the rise is just below the natural waist.  Cut some more off the top if needed and then hem the pant legs if needed (fold over 1/2 inch twice and press, then sew) and add either the knit waistband, or exposed sport waistband.  All done!

If you make a pair, ad them to the flikr pool so I can share!

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