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by Destri on October 25, 2012

DIY Trick Or Treat Bag

I had an email come in from a readers about…oh, two weeks ago (sorry Judy!) wondering if I had any ideas for diy trick or treat bags.  She had a bunch of leftover Halloween fabric that were smaller scraps and wanted to use it up.  I sure do!  This bag is perfect for using up little scraps and getting the most out of coordinating fabrics. Plus, I made it a super quick and easy project.  Catch me after the jump for the full tutorial.

Simple DIY Trick or Treat Bags

Trick Or Treat Bag Tutorial

First, I feel like I need to confess to my sewing community, in hopes I’m not the only one.  I loathe sewing Halloween costumes. I did one year, it took me three days, and I was sewing right up to the point of sending them out.  I swore I’d never do it again!  Am I the only one?  I have been traveling around looking at all these amazing handmade costumes and finding myself tempted – but then I remember that year and I snap out of it!  So making these fun little bags makes me feel not so guilty :).

Now that I have that off my chest, lets get to it!  You can make these bags any size, but I will share the measurements for the size I liked best.  It is the one that my little girl is holding in the first photo – just right for trick or treating.  I made the second one bigger in case my son hits the mother load :).


  • fabric scraps that will allow for the fabric cuts below (for the smaller bag shown which is my favorite)
  • iron on Pellon – I like 808 craft fuse by Pellon – it’s nice and stiff but easy to work with
  • all your swing stuff

Fabric Cuts:

As you go through the tutorial, you can see that any size of fabric pieces will do.  Keeping Judy In mind – I made a pieced bag to allow for smaller scraps.  If you have just one fabric you can use that too – you’ll just be done quicker. Again, I will share the cuts for the bag I liked best:

  • two 11 x 4½ inch pieces for the top
  • two 11 x 6½ inch pieces for the bottom
  • two 11½ x 10½ inch pieces of pellon
  • one 18 x 4 inch piece for the strap

See just a bit of fabric.


Start by taking one of each size and sewing two of the long sides together.  Pay attention to pattern – heaven forbid you have any upside down ghosts :)

Repeat on the other pieces.

Now press the seams up towards the top fabric, and then iron onto the pellon pieces per package instructions. I like to put something down to protect where the pellon overlaps the fabric. Then with a slightly longer stitch length, top stitch right above the seam where you sewed the two pieces together. This will lock the seam allowance in place.

Now fold and crease the tops over 1/4 of an inch and sew in place. Again I like the look of a longer stitch length here.

Give the pieces one more good press to set the stitches and you should have two pieces that look like this. See how the pellon is a little bigger, this eliminates the need for serging.

Now sew around the sides and bottom (with normal stitch length).

Now we’ll sew the corners.  I measured in 1 1/2 inches and made a vertical line for a guide. Then just sew along the line.

You should have two corners looking about like this.  You can cut them off a safe distance from the seam.  Now just turn right side out and you have your bag.

Now the strap.  Take and press each side over an inch towards the center like shown for the top piece, then in half like the second one shown. Sew up the open side.

Now to sew it on, just line the raw edges up with the top of the bag centered on the side seam.  Sew it down the side of the bag about an inch like shown.

Then fold the strap up and sew right along the top of the bag.

It should look like this when you are done, and then just repeat on the other side. All finished!

Hope this helps you use up some of those scraps!

Happy haunting,


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