Tutorial ~ Repurposed Tights to Ruffle Bobby Socks

by Destri on October 20, 2011

Repurposed Tights To Socks Tutorial

I was so excited to turn some of my little ones tights from last year into knee highs for this year; add bows, ruffles, and all sorts of fun stuff.  When the temperature finally dipped below 80° here, I whipped out a pair of her old pink ones, put elastic around the top (using Disney’s great tutorial here) and finished them off with the cutest bow. They were adorable, and she hated them. I couldn’t keep them on her for more than five minutes, something about “itchy and buggin’ me”. So, I chopped them off to sock length and added a ruffle to make a cute pair of bobby socks.  They’re adorable, and she loves them.  Thank goodness.  Wanna make a pair?  They’re super easy!

Ruffle Bobby Socks Tutorial

Ruffle Bobby Socks Tutorial


  • old tights or knee highs
  • strips of fabric at least 2 inches wide
  • all your sewing stuff


First, cut your tights down to size. I just out them on my little one and cut where needed.  Now get two strips of fabric.  I forgot to measure mine, so just make sure they are at least double the length around the top of the sock.

Now fold in half and sew a gathering stitch down the raw edges (that is the longest stitch on my machine).  I shared the best trick for ruffling without adjusting tension on chiffon, and used it for this too.  No gathering!  Repeat on the second strip.

Now with the right side, overlap the raw edge of the sock and the raw edge of the ruffle about a 1/4 inch.  Then sew around the sock with a zig zag stitch.  I did stretch the socks a little while sewing.  Make sure that the stitch is concealing the raw edge on the ruffle.

Turn the cuff over and trim any area where the raw edge of the sock was left exposed and sew up the ends of the ruffle by over lapping slightly and zigzag.

Now try them on!  I used the same old pillowcase for the ruffle as I did for this skirt I made.  I do have the tutorial coming up for the skirt and I am so excited about it.  You can make it any size from infant on up to adult with just a few measurements.  So so easy!  This was my first draft, and I have made another that turned out even better, with the bow on the back as everyone suggested.  It’s on the list, so keep on eye out.

Hope everyone is getting ready for a fun weekend. I am headed to Aubrey’s house to love on her new baby.  Can’t wait!


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