Tutorial :: Sand Dipped Glasses And Carafe

by Destri on May 29, 2014

Make the perfect beverage set for summer! Sand and shell dipped glasses and carafe tutorial

Aahhh…it feels good to be back in this space! Just let me stretch my legs out a bit and put my hands behind my head and get all sorts of comfortable again :).  I’ve been up to an insane amount of sewing and the launch of my new pattern business and it’s kept me from one of my favorite places and group of friends.  So good to be back!

What better way to get back in the swing of things than with another fun project inspired by the Elmer’s Blog Crew I am a part of?  They gave me a theme of summer, sand, seashells, and just about anything that would remind you of a fun day spent on Panama Beach.  I’ll be honest, I had to think a bit on this.  When I think of the beach I just picture a drink in my hand and my toes in the sand :). So I went with it!

I know you’re thinking I am a bit crazy with this, but guys, it really is so fun!  If you are having a beach themed wedding, party, luau, or just want to drink from a little something that can take you away for the night-this is it! I’ll even show you how to make a sign for a fun message.

This is so easy to pull off, catch me after the jump!

DIY Beach Inspired Beverage Set

Sand and shell dipped glasses

Now before we get on with the tutorial, let’s answer the obvious questions.  Does the sand come off?  Nope! I used Elmer’s ProBond and it worked like a charm on both the glass carafe and the plastic tumblers-it’s good stuff.  Can I wash them? Yep. I just didn’t rub the sand part while wet, but did wash the rims and inside. Once dry, the sand was still there and looked great.  Are they weird to hold? Surprisingly no. That was the one thing I was worried about, but the shells almost make it easier to hold the glasses.

Now, let’s get to the how to!

sandglass step 1


  • Carafe and glasses
  • Sand – I bought decorators sand used by florists
  • Small sea shells
  • Elmer’s Probond glue
  • hot glue
  • chalk board stand (optional)
  • Elmer’s Painters Pen in white

I picked everything up above in a quick trip to Michael’s.

sand glass step 2

Start by putting a good amount of sand in a bowl big enough to fit the glasses in.

I put a ring of glue around the glass and then spread it with my finger.  Keep a little wet paper towel to wipe your finger.

Now just dip the glass in the sand and press to get a good amount on. Repeat on the other glass and carafe. Set aside to dry.

sand glass step 4

Once they are dry, rub off any loose sand with your finger.  Then use the hot glue to glue on the shells.  That’s it! Easy right?

sand glass step 5

Now take the chalkboard stand and your painters pen (have you tried these yet? They are acrylic paint in a pen…so fun and oh the possibilities! Find all sorts here) and write a fun message for your guests.

sand glass step 6

Then use hot glue to stick then around the sign. It’s easiest if you arrange the shells on first to get a good idea of how you want them to look, then glue.

sand glasses cover

For a fun display, you can put them in a tray of sand – fun right?  Even my hubby was impressed…exact words “those are really cool!”.  I don’t get that often from him :)

So, do you have any plans to hit the beach this summer?  Have you been to Panama City Beach?

A big thank you to Elmer’s Glue for sponsoring this post and for the supplies to help inspire it!


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