Tutorial ~ Scrap Buster Pajama Bottoms

by Destri on January 20, 2012

Srap Busting Pajama Bottoms
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It has been a while since we have had a good ‘ole re-purposing project, no?  They are kind of my favorite – less pressure if you screw up :).  What I love most about this idea is that it helps tackle my ever growing scrap fabric basket.  Plus, they’re cute, quick, and easy.  I made the pink pajama bottoms from a knit shirt, and the brown pair from a pillowcase, and some cute scraps I just couldn’t part with.  I ended up loving them so much, I used the same concept for my kid’s Christmas jammies.  I will have to snap a picture of them and add to the post when I get a chance.  Onto the tutorial, catch me after the jump!

Fabric Topped Pajama Pants Tutorial


  • Fabric (I used scrap fabric and an old shirt and pillowcase)
  • all your sewing stuff
  • 3/4 – 1 inch elastic
  • pair of pants that fit well as a guide for pattern


If you are just starting out sewing, I have a sewing tips directory that will help you with any terms or techniques you are not familiar with.

Here’s a little tip: when repurposing clothing for sewing, use the elements of the garment that you can to make your life easy. I have all sorts of sewing tutorials showing how to do this, and in today’s project I used the hem of the shirt as the hem for my pant legs.

Place two layers of fabric on a cutting surface and then fold in half like shown in image above.

Now take the pants you are using for your guide and turn them inside out, fold in half and place on the folded edge of the fabric as shown.  Take into account how you will be sewing them up.  I didn’t need to hem the bottom of mine, but the pants I was using were too short for my little one, so I made sure that I left a couple inches at the bottom.  If you need to hem the bottom of you pants, make sure to leave that allowance at the bottom as well.

Now following the pants as a guide, cut out the pieces.  For the top, you just want to use your eyes to decide where you want the fabric top to meet the bottom.  I wanted it to hit just below the hips, so that is where I cut.  Write down the amount of inches you left at the top, you will need that.  I had four inches that I needed for the top.

Now you should have two pieces.  If you don’t have the legs hemmed yet do that now.

Now take the scrap fabric and cut it to match the length of the top of the pant legs like shown, and then make sure that you have enough height to account for the fold over for the elastic casing.  I could have used a little more, but my fabric piece was just a little short..I rolled with it.

Now place the fabric so that is lines up with the top edge of the pant leg, right sides together and pin.

Sew the two together, and then finish the seam with a zigzag stitch, or serger. Repeat on the other pant leg.

Press the seam up towards the top and then topstitch along the upper edge to lock the seam into place.

Now fold one pant leg with the right sides together and sew up the inside seam like illustrated with the dotted line.  Repeat on the second leg. You will want to finish the seams if you are not using knit.

Next turn one pant leg right side out and tuck inside the pant leg that you left right side in.  You will line up the inseams and the top, then sew where the dotted line indicates.  Finish any seams you need to.

Now turn them right side out and they should look like this.

Fold over the top edge a 1/4 inch and press, and then again as much as needed to allow the elastic you are using to fit in the casing, and press.

Then sew right along the bottom edge (mine is on the inside) to make the casing, leaving a two inch opening in the back to thread the elastic through.

Take the elastic and pin a safety pin to the end.  Insert the end through the opening in the back and then thread the elastic through.

Using a zigzag stitch, sew the ends of the elastic together, then sew up the opening in the back. You’re finished!

See, there are those hems I didn’t have to do.

I hope you find this useful, and I would love to see any pics if you try it!

I have a couple posts that show different ways to add elastic too: Sport Elastic Waistband Tutorial (like boxers, boys love these), How To Make A Knit Elastic Waistband (extra soft for little tummies). Both are great for pajama bottoms.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


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