Tutorial ~ Simple Magnet Board Bow Keeper

by Destri on October 12, 2011

Magnet Board Bow Keeper Tutorial
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I am so excited about this project!  Ever since I saw the magnet board my sister used to keep my niece’s hair accessories on I have wanted one.  It’s a fun alternative to a ribbon bow keeper; you just place the metal clip on the magnet that you stick on the board and viola’.  I bought a pre-cut piece of sheet metal over a year ago, thinking I could find a frame to fit it.  I was never able to find one, so I thought I would have it framed, that is, until I thought of this idea!  You know I have a thing for bias tape and ric rac so it should be no surprise they make an appearance in this project.  Catch me after the jump for the full Magnet Board Bow Keeper Tutorial!

Magnet Board Bow Keeper

How To Make A Magnet Board Bow Keeper

Magnet Board Supplies


  • Pre-cut sheet metal – I bought mine at Home Depot for $5.00 and it measured 12×18
  • E-6000 glue, or something similar
  • Double fold bias tape
  • Ric rac
  • Disc magnets
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Paper clip


With the wrong side of the sheet metal up, place the bias tape over the edge of one side.

Now run a thin strip of glue right under the bias tape.  I had to smooth it out with my finger tip a bit.  Then press down and seal with fingers.

Take the bias tape around the corner like shown in the picture, and move around the rest of the board in the same manner until all the edges have been covered.

Now glue down the little corners like shown with the hot glue.

At this point you could embellish it any way you like.  I think a few rosettes to cover where the bias tape ends for an older girls room would look cute.  But as mentioned, I love ric rac and look for any excuse to use it.

I just used the hot glue gun and ran a thin strip of hot glue right along the edge of the bias tape and then pressed the ric rac on with my finger tips. Easy peasy.

To hang it I glued on the paper clip with a generous amount of E-6000 glue.  It is on there good and tight! I saw this idea on pinterest using a coke can tab, and thought it was genius. Make sure to let it dry completely.

Now all you have to do is stick on the magnets and hang!

Then just stick the hair clips.  You like that one?  I made it the same way I made the Tea Time Feather Rosette, I just added more feathers and then covered them with a felt circle, then clip.

Magnet Board Bow Keeper Tutorial

You can find a tutorial for most of these hair clips on the Hair Accessory Tutorial Page.

This one is my latest creation, Lace and Pearls Fascinator -so easy to make!

So that’s it, easy right?  It literally took less than a half an hour to make and then I just had to let the glue dry.  Total cost for me was only $5.00 as I already had everything else on hand.

I have been working on some major behind the scenes stuff, so posting might be a little off schedule for the next week.  Hence this post today! But oh I am so excited!  I have been sketching up the final site layout, and it will be much more user friendly.  I think your going to love it.

Thanks so much for stopping in, hope you have a great day!


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