Tutorial ~ Tied Comforter With Faux Piping

by Destri on March 11, 2011

Handmade Tied Comforter
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I wish the pictures could illustrate how cozy soft and lofty this blanket turned out.  The lightweight blanket for the backing and one layer of batting give it the perfect weight for a comforter, and I used bias tape for an easy way to mimic piping, so easy.  I know I say that all the time, but I think I am always surprised at how quick these types of things come together!  I spent a week thinking it was going to take ages, but once I finally sat down to do it, I had the blanket cut and assembled while my kids were taking their naps, and finished off with the ties when they went to bed that night.  Can’t beat that!  Here is how to do it:

How To Make a Tied Comforter With Faux Piping

I am not going to supply measurements as I made this for an Ikea extendable bed, which is not standard.  But I will tell you I used two yards of fabric (72 x 45 inches) and it was a perfect size for a toddler bed or tv blanket, couch throw….


  • all your sewing stuff
  • pre-washed fabric
  • batting
  • pre-washed backing – I used this blanket from walmart (I only paid $9 for a full in store) and cut it in half which left enough for a second blanket for the bed too
  • 1/2 inch wide double-fold bias tape – I needed 3 packs (9 yards)
  • embroidery floss


I cut off the selvage on the two yards of fabric and that was it, if you are making your blanket bigger just prepare your fabric to the size you need.  I cut the backing from the blanket to be that exact size as the fabric piece, set aside.  Lay the batting down on a large flat surface (the floor) and layer the fabric right side up on top, smoothing it out.

Cut the batting around the perimeter of the fabric leaving 3-4 inches excess batting like shown.  Pin in all four corners with safety pins and then pin a few place in the middle to prevent the batting from shifting.

Now get out the bias tape.  I learned this little trick from my Martha Stewart sewing book, and it worked great.  I did this part on my dining room table so that the blanket was at a better working level.

With the fabric side up, pin the bias tape around the perimeter with the double edge lining up with the raw edge of the blanket, and the folded edge of the tape facing inward like shown.

I just folded the corners to make the turn, and really liked how that turned out.  Pin all around the corner to make sure it is secure.

Now lay the backing right on top, line up the edges, and pin around the perimeter.

Carefully take it to your sewing machine and sew all the layers together, around the perimeter right along the fabric edge, this will ensure you have the bias tape in the stitch.  Leave a 12 inch opening on one side so you can turn it out.  My machine had no problems with this, and I didn’t have to use a walking foot.

After you have it sewn up, and before you turn it right side out, cut off the excess batting right along the fabric edge.

Now carefully turn it right side out through the opening.

Now for the opening.  I folded the fabric edge over the batting to match up with the sewn edges, and then just folded the backing in to match as well, put the bias tape in place sandwiched between the two and pinned.  You could whipstitch it closed, but I decided just to use my machine…

and just sewed right along the edge like shown, making sure that I got the backing in the stitch.  Again my machine had no problem with this.  Now press sides and corners with a hot iron.

Lay your blanket on a flat surface (I still used my dining room table) and smooth out the top layer.  You should still have the safety pins in place,  just secure them with the backing too.  Now take your floss and make the ties.  Just pull the floss through the top and then back up, snip and tie a double knot.  I just did a random pattern because of the nature of the pattern on the fabric.

I started with just putting a tie in each of the flowers and then filled in the rest making sure there was a tie every 3-4 inches.  You can be as precise as you want!

You’re all done!

I love the way the bias tape looks!  It gives it just the right amount of detail.

Here it is folded up on the end of her bed.  I have a post coming up with the whole shebang and all the fabric names and such…

And here she is sleeping with it for the first time.  Note the baby, I love seeing how they end up when they fall asleep, and she always has her baby all covered up :).

So there it is!  I can’t wait to see her grow up with it.  I still have the tied blanket my mom made me when I was 9, it has followed me around the country and still resides on my bed.

I hope someone tries it and lets me know how it goes!  I would love to see pics!  I have a wrap-up post coming up with links to all the tutorials, stay tuned.

Oh, and happy Friday, I hope you have a hot date ;).

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