Unique Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower Or Mom-To-Be

by Destri on July 15, 2011

I have about five friends that are due to have a baby, and three more that have just had one.  It’s in the water ladies…watch out!  I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite gifts to give at baby showers and to the mom-to-be, and some other fun ones I have seen around.  A couple are gifts I was given, and they definitely make the list!

Gift Certificate For Newborn Pictures

I put this one first, because if I ever have another baby I would love it!  I knew my sister-in-law would get everything under the sun for her first baby, so I opted to give her a gift certificate for pictures at a studio.  This may be a big ticket item, so you might want to have a few people pitch in.  I wished I would have known that most photographers like to do newborn pics before the baby is 2 weeks old, you might want to let the mom-to-be know!  Really I just don’t think you can go wrong with this one.  The precious image above is by  Peekaboo Photos and they are based out of Utah.


Instant Scrapbooks are perfect for the mom who doesn’t have the time or desire to scrapbook. It covers the baby’s first year or more and gives ideas for photo ops. I gave one from Hallmark to a friend a few years back and it was perfect because all she had to do was add pictures.  Carter’s has a cute one or you can find a bunch on Etsy.

Books are hardly ever seen at baby showers, but they are perfect as a little addition to any gift.  You could even give them a start to a book collection.  Both of my babies loved Sandra Boynton books.  I like the books in the Greatest Hits Volume II the best.

Practical Gifts

There are things you need that you just hate to buy, that is why I always appreciated practical gifts, they left me a chance to spend my money on the fun stuff :).   I was at a shower where someone gave one of these First Aid Doc to Go Kits, and it was pretty impressive.  It has everything the new baby will need once you get home, and the quality was great.  You can find it here on Amazon too.

Baby food seems like a funny one, but my sister had this baby food for her last little one and I think it would make a great gift. Plum Organic Baby Food ships for free from Amazon and I can guarantee no one else will show up with the same gift!

Unique Handmade Gifts

It’s always fun to give something handmade, even if you don’t know how to sew.  Joy Folie Baby Booties can be sewn by hand and there is an option for boys and girls.  Serious cuteness all around, and they will be the hit of the shower.  Also, Tao Of Craft has a tutorial for little girls booties.

I loved loved this idea from Boogaboo Handmade! She made up some onsies for the monthly growth photos everyone is doing.  Perfect unique gift!  You could even throw in a disposable camera if you are worried they won’t have one.

Gifts For The Momma

Nursing pajamas are the best gift for new moms planning to nurse.  It gives them something to wear at the hospital and to hang out in when they get home.    My sister gave me a bunch of nursing tops when I had my first, and when Aubrey asked what she could get me for my second I told her nursing jammies.  I lived in them!  Motherhood has a great selection.

A nursing survival kit is a great gift.  You can include a tube of lanolin, breast pads, nursing cover, and a favorite nursing book in case she needs a little help.  My sister introduced me to Lily Padz which are great for the mother whether she plans on nursing or not.  They keep the milk in ;).

I have seen this Mom’s Five Second Memory Book before and it really seemed like a fun gift to give.  It has fun prompts for writing that you wouldn’t normally think of, checklists, and places for journaling.  I love that it has a lot of questions about the mom that are outside of motherhood.  Kids love to read that stuff when they are older.

So there you have it, my ideas for unique and personal baby gifts.  Now it’s your turn, what unique ideas have you given or wished you had been given for a new baby?  I would love some new ideas for all these babies coming!

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