What I Have Been Working On…

by Destri on October 30, 2010

This has been one of my pet projects as of late.  A new pattern for a sweet little shirt.  Stitching, picking, tweeking, over and over again.  And I think I almost have it.

I am really trying to give it that “yes, I am handmade, not homemade” kind of look, with details and finishes, and overall I am pleased.  Never mind the dents in my sewing machine where my head has hit, or the fact that my seam ripper officially needs sharpened.  :)

Everything is lined on top with hidden seams, and the back has just enough gather now, I think…maybe more?  I think I do want a little more in the sleeves…

The neckline has an easy button closure and leaves enough room for the kiddos noggin that no acrobats are required to get it on…I hate that.

Anyhoo, I think one more draft should do it, and then I am ready for a few of you to try it out (you have no idea how nervous I am!).  Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to test the pattern, you guys are the best.  I think I have someone testing for every size but I would really love for someone that considers themselves a novice to give it a go.  That to me is the true test!

If interested let me know!  I will be emailing you who have already contacted me.

**Thank you thank you to everyone who left a comment and emailed, I now have enough takers!**

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