Your First Date of 2013

by Davina on January 19, 2013

It’s not the first Saturday of the New Year but…

It’s the perfect day for making a plan…and starting off fresh.

I know.

Really?  This for a date?


I’ll be the first to say ugh! to planning.

And whether you have a spouse or are going the parenting route on your own it’s a great idea to take an evening away from your home and kids to reassess.


I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants for oh…I don’t know…most of my life.


I like to just make a decision and go for it.  Sometimes that totally works.  Sometimes it really doesn’t.

Last year Mike and I were talking and we both suddenly realized that we’ve helped one another to develop some not-so-good-habits.

We’ve done some good stuff, too.

Along the way though, we’ve unknowingly given each other permission to do things that aren’t going to get us where we’d like to be.  It all feels like not a big deal now but in the coming years it’s going to weigh us down and fill us with regret.


A couple of habits we want to break:

We don’t plan a summer vacation…

until summer is almost over and we realize we need to take the kids SOME where!!

I plan out the summer…all of the fun stuff we’re going to do at home but the idea of a vacation always slips by us.  Even though we believe that vacations are super important for families to take together…you wouldn’t know it by the way we act.

That’s a bad habit we need to get out of.

It’s time (tonight) to plan our summer vacation.  And any other vacations that we want to explore this year.  It’s time to stop leaving it up to chance and make a plan!

We are on our phones way too much.

We constantly check them.  For what? Did we get a surprise in the last 30 seconds?  Did the President of the United States just text us with an urgent message in the 5 seconds we didn’t look at our phone?



So…we’ve decided to have a phone basket.  Anytime we are home the phones go in the basket…everyone’s phones.  We’ll have a 5 minute check of them every couple of hours.  We’ll try it and adjust the idea if we need to.

It’s time to stop being at the mercy of our phones and start taking charge.



Our list started to get pretty long…

so we decided to select a few for January and push others off onto a February list.  We’ll revisit the February list on the first Friday of next month.

It’s very important not to overload yourself with too many new habits or goals.  When that happens we end up too overwhelmed so we give up or just feel paralyzed by the enormity of the tasks.

We are half way through January and you may have already ditched some of your resolutions.

If nothing else it’s a chance to have some time to yourself or just with your spouse.

It’s a bit of a relief to chat (or journal a little bit) about what’s causing us to take the bad-habit path and course correct onto the path we intended to be on this whole time.

What would you like to stop?  Does  your family have cell phone/technology issues? What have you done about them?


I made this free little kit to get you started.  Click here to download.

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Davina Fear loves Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite.  She has been known to leave Napoleon quotes in all of the places her 15 year old son goes through out the day, just for fun and to freak him out a little bit.

Davina blogs at and is a familyness adventurer. She encourages you to, ” just imagine you’re weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little seahorses.” ;)

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