Sewing Tips Directory

by Destri on August 25, 2011

Sewing Tips Directory

I have been wanting to make this sewing tips directory forever.  A list of all the best sewing tips, tricks, and techniques from around the web all in one spot.  I had some pinned, some bookmarked, others referenced on my other posts, and some just in my head.  Finally, one tidy list – kind of like a yellow pages for the best sewing tips.  I hope you find it useful too, because it took  and if you just go on and on about how great it is I will feel much better about the kink in my neck from all the linking :).   So bookmark it, pin it, or feel free to link to it – just please don’t copy and paste it (that would make me sad with a kinked neck!).

I will continue to update this as I find more too, so if you have one that should make the list, let me know!


General Tips and Techniques

Sewing Machine


Bias Tape & Piping



Making and Working with Patterns



Adding Fasteners



Handy Articles

Phew!  That’s the end folks!

Please feel free to link up any other posts you think might be useful in the comments.  Sometimes those are the most popular links!

Hope you are having a sunny day…I am off to get a neck massage :)


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